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Details about the School

Hi guys! 8D I realized that not alot of you know what the school's like as I explained nothing (I was planning to at the orentation buuut >_>;) SO to answer a few questions before they're asked I'll give you alot of details about the school! probably more then you need!

1. Single person rooms with KEY locks (none of that card crap) The doors aren't auto-lock so you can leave them unlocked and or locked when need be >_>;
2. Rooms contain a bed, a desk/drawer thing, a nightstand, an alarm clock, and another small desk that holds a small TV, the TV itself has a build in DVD player so yeah. That's it...All the rest of the stuff you want in it is up to you but keep in mind that the room is very small and will probably be less comfortable with more shit.
3. There is no bathroom in your students room nor is there a washing room that's all public <_<.
4. The internet is wireless so you can have your muse idly track about school with jour laptop as you wish since I'm sure EVENTUALLY I'll get that question.

1. There's only one public bath and wash room PER floor but they're damn big to make up for it.
2. The bathroom part contains a large counter with a nice amount of sinks and a large mirror so you can do all your "gotta look good" stuff. The bathroom also has Urinals and Stalls for all your other needs and such >_>.
3. Washrooms are real big and there's a wall to seperate it into two sides so there's a SMALL amount of privacy yeah you better love me.
4. There's no way to adjust the tempature of the water it simply can be turned on or off but it's not cold or scolding hot it's at a nice warm tempture this does mean no cold showers though SUCK =P
5. The washroom does NOT contain towels your towels are in your room and you only have 3 too last the week though one is a wash cloth >_> so really only two.
6. You also get your own soap and shampoo plus you could have your students bring your own you know =P but yeah.

OTHERSTUFF (Alot of this is just for the detailed rpers as they probably will want this kind of information =D):
1. Classes are done in a some what college fashion to give you a bit more freedom. You have a certain core classes and then other classes that you'd like to take (No you don't have to write out a list or anything this is just for the people who want to add alot of detail <3) There's a certain amount of classes given each day and you only have to attend the same class twice a week which does mean that you could for example take three classes one day and like two the next and such.
2. Saturday is the only day students are allowed off campus, (Probably not how it would really be, but whatever) and you have to check out and check back in. (<--that's for the detailed peoples they might care) There's also a limit to how long you can be out the limit is about...four hours yeah that sounds good to me. Enjoy =P (That's probably more for the detailed people as well)
3. There is a common room and a lunch room. The Common room has a bunch of couches, as well as a pool table, but no doors to block it from the hallway (Meaning if your going to do the dirty dead in there you better be careful >_>) The lunch room has a bunch of lunch tables, a salad bar, a place to get snacks and sodas and such, and the actual lunch place but I'm NOT putting up a food thing that's too much for my lazy ass. ^_^
4. Cigarettes, Alcohol and drugs of all sort save for perscription and asprin are considered CONTRABAND and students WILL be punished if caught with it. SO BE SNEAKY =P
5. Condoms, Lube, and other sexual devices (sex toys and porn and what not >_>) are also considered CONTRABAND so if your going to be having sex you better be hiding the goods <3
6. Obviously there's other random people in the school but I should adress this anyways because you could use "orginal" students to rat people out so that your actual student doesn't get pinned with it THOUGH to do so you must have your student tell this other student so you still gotta have your J-rock student interact and be a part of it or like it won't count and or be as fun.
7. Rated R and above movies are ALSO considered contraband as some promote violence and the school doesn't like that. (Kiyoharu isn't going to care about something that lame but detailed people might care maybe <_<)
8. Dogs, Cats and other various pets are contraband aswell so if you want them they better be small and easy to hide XDD <3
<I'll be adding stuff to this once I figure out more stuff or see what I missed <3>

The Headmasters:
1. The headmasters ARE avilable to be RPed with I just didn't expect thrm to get much attention as like they're the headmasters. But if you want to rp with them we (Me and Sumi, Me being Kiyoharu, Sumi being Yoshiki) up for it you just have to either be SENT to them or go on your own as they won't be getting out much =P
2. They can and WILL punish students if they find out that they are breaking school rules (though that's the fun part ~wiggle brows~) So try and be sneaky about breaking them!
3. Students can rat other students out to the headmasters so be on your toes (This is so that there can always be drama =D)
4. Kiyoharu is also teaching a class and that's the Advanced Music class have fun (More ways to interact with him)

SEESH anyways if you need any help with any of that AND OR want to suggest something just drop me a comment or talk to me on MSN <3 I'm hoping you'll actually skim through that, but it's ALOT so I don't expect everyone to could be nice to brush through when rping though and hopefully it'll atleast help someone <3
Have fun in the RP!
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