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Kanagawa School for Boys

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Kanagawa Boarding School for Boys.
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Disclaimer: This comm is an AU Jrock Roleplaying comm. It probably WILL contain Yaoi and other intense situations. If you do not LIKE Yaoi and or the intense situations Roleplay could bring forth then I suggest you leave NOW.

ASWELL None of the people in this RP claim to be the members they play nore do they claim them as their own this comm is entirely fictional and to belive that all these Jrockers were still in school is just retarded.

Everyone left WELCOME to the Kanagawa Boarding School for Boys J-Rock Roleplaying Community!
I'm your Main Mod Murdy! And I'm glad to have you all here. There's only a few rules I'd like you to go down, before I show you how to apply, just to make sure this is the right comm for you.

1. This is a AU (Alternate-Universe) RP so you can not expect the people in this RP to play their cees to the exact attitude as you portay them. While they might attempt to do so even if they DON'T There is no reason to attack them for they're style of play. If you DO attack someone about it I will give you a warning and if you do it again I will ask you to leave and remove your cees from your control and leave them free for someone else to pick up.

2. The drama that may/AND WILL occur in this RP is STRICLY RP drama and should have NOTHING to do with RL. If you can not handle your "muse" being caught in a dramatic situation I suggest you rethink joining this RP. If you take RP drama into RL and use it against a member of the RP I will ask you to leave because that is my biggest pet peeve.

3. This is a School so they are going to be school rules which I will post inside the comm. I will not get on your case to follow the rules of the school because that's mun interference, but the headmaster can do as he wishes to punish your muse which in EXTREME cases your muse could be expelled. So lets try not to blow the school up as that's probably the only way I would do that ^_^

4. You are allowed to have 3 muses and ONLY 3 muses so think hard! I won't be upping the ammount any time soon soooo.

5. Lets just play nice yeah? Have some fun enjoy some RP and have an all around good time. This is for entertainment not for your survival.


Application is simple because I'm lazy. On the Claimed Muses List all you have to do is post a reply with the following.

Muse's Name and band:
Position (teacher or student?)
Muse's Livejournal:
AIM and or MSN:

Simple as that. If you are accepted you will get a reply from a mod(you'll get one no matter what) and a mod will add you assuming you have AIM or MSN.


Due to popular demand, teachers are now available for claim! You are still required to make a muse journal for your teacher, but you DO NOT add the students to your friends list, but DO friend the community. Thank you. <3


Links to important things in the comm:
Claimed List
School Rules (Friends Locked as it only applies to the students =P)
Information About Kanagawa School for Boys.
Contact information (Friends Locked obviously)

Mod List
Mod: pd_watch_me_now Murdy
Co-Mod: o_frick Sumi